Human Left Leg–Dr Livingston's Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzles 864pc

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100% Accurate | 200% Magnification

Assemble an accurate cross-cut section of the left leg that gives you a detailed interior view from posterior’s gluteus medius muscle to toe’s middle phalange. Focusing on the skeletal structure, this puzzle shows how the basal, intermediate, and distal segments are oriented. See the many joints that enable us to flex and extend our lower limbs to be bipedal. The pelvis meets the femur, giving way to the patella, tibia, and fibula for an optimal blend of rigidity and flexibility. Various, delicate tarsals, metatarsals, and phalanges allow us to maintain our balance. Veins and arteries are interwoven, carrying vital oxygenated blood and removing deoxygenated blood.