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This is the Kickstarter version of Phantom Ink and will include any promos and stretch goals we receive, with an ETA of August 2021.  See the full Kickstarter project here.

Ghost Writer is an elegant 15-minute party game for word and puzzle game enthusiasts. Renowned Mediums race to figure out a secret object that their teammate—a Spirit—is trying to communicate. But there's a catch: your opponent Medium sees every clue your Spirit writes, and can use these to figure out the secret object first. Spirits have to give creative clues that aren’t too obvious. Mediums need to deduce, ask good questions, and call off the communications before the other Medium learns too much.

When you think you know the clue, call out Silencio to stop the Phantom Ink!

Note: this game's working name of Ghost Writer was changed after the Kickstarter campaign completed but prior to production.

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