DM Starter Set 167pc—Flat Plastic Minis

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Flat Plastic Miniatures - DM Starter Set is a curated bundle of 167 pieces from our entire collection of artwork. It includes 30 small, 10 wide, 100 medium, 15 large, and 12 giant pieces.

Flat Plastic Miniatures are printed on sturdy transparent plastic, with unique front and back art to indicate unit facing. Light, durable, pop in and out of bases easily and pack flat for transport or storage, FPMs make an ideal and affordable miniature.

Set includes 42 Round Bases (2x copies of the Round Supermix base panel)

Arcknight opened up artwork from their entire library of over 1100 pieces, from all existing FPM sets, to assemble a DM Starter Set!

The pack will include 167 total pieces, focusing primarily on the fundamentals and lower-level needs that every GM faces. It includes a wide range of PC options, and gobs of monsters in every size. An excellent starting point for any new GM, providing the tools needed to jump straight in the action.