Barrister Personal Shopper

Barrister Personal Shopper service

Want to take a board game home, but don't have time to browse?  The Barrister Personal Shopper to the rescue!

While the selection of products in our attractive retail stores always makes for a great shopping experience, what really sets us apart is our trained staff that we call Barristers.  They're trained to match games, toys, and puzzles to the experience you want for your friends and family - because we know that the experiences you share while playing, puzzling, and laughing that bring joy to your life.

This Barrister Personal Shopper is our way of making our expertise available to you online.  We have a short questionnaire with the most common questions we ask in-person to match products to experiences.  We'll use your answers to these questions to select products that meet (or exceed) the budget you give us to work with.  When everything is ready, we'll call you to pick up your games, toys, and puzzles at the Board Game Barrister location you select.